About Us

Mentored is a NYC-based education technology company founded in 2013. Our mission is to make live 1:1 learning available to anyone, anytime from anywhere.

Studies show that students who receive 1:1 support outperform 98% of their peers! But this form of education has historically been too expensive to make available to everyone. So we've developed a safe, easy-to-use platform that connects experts and students together on smartphones, tablets and computers. We started with academic support, but the Mentored platform is designed to power live 1:1 mentoring connections across all industries.

About the Platform

The Mentored platform has powered thousands of sessions between students and subject matter experts (who we call "Mentors"). The platform is designed to instantly connect students with Mentors (who complete a background check), to help them excel in school! Students can easily access Mentored from a smartphone, tablet or laptop when they're stuck on a homework step, studying for a test or just trying to get ahead in their classroom work.

Each session on Mentored lasts up to 20 minutes. Students can instantly get help in math, science, English, test prep and many more subjects! Sessions on Mentored are recorded, reviewed and archived to ensure the highest level of quality and support. Our brilliant mentors are trained to encourage real learning and a mastery of concepts, rather than just providing quick answers - and they love what they do! In our vibrant learning community, they even mentor each other.

Mentored is a trusted resource for in-class or after-school teacher support and for parents to get their children the expert help they never knew they could access.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We're a group of passionate, high energy individuals who care about education and shaping a future where 1:1 learning opportunities are open for everyone to participate.

  • Terry Bowman
    Snr VP Client Services

  • Amanda Eller
    Community Manager

  • Art Schectman
    Technology Advisor

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