Join the One to One Revolution

Mentored offers the One to One Human Connection that improves grades, lands jobs, enhances careers, keeps students in school, accelerates learning and changes lives.

Studies show that students who receive One to One support outperform 98% of their peers. But this form of education has historically been too expensive to make available to everyone. So we've developed a safe, easy-to-use platform that connects experts and students together on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Who's it for?

  • Student
  • Coporate Employee
  • Job Seeker
  • Language Student
  • mentored

  • Teacher
  • Corporate Mentor
  • Job Coach
  • Language Teacher

The mentored Platform is...

  • Secure video chats via the mentored platform
  • Frequent high quality interactions with mentors
  • Training for mentors and tutors
  • Accurate qualitative reports
  • Practical quantitative analytics
  • Systematic matching of mentoring partnerships
  • Recorded sessions
  • An easy-to-use scheduling platform
  • Immediate user feedback
  • Customization to meet program needs
  • Ability to scale up to increase participation

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