With 1:1 attention your students can outperform 98% of their peers.

Mentored powers personalized learning programs based on your students' needs.

How it works:
Mentored's programs help students master grade-level skills or prepare for standardized tests (SAT, ACT & State Tests). Scroll down to see some of our featured programs.

In our school programs, students have increased their skill level by 1/2 grade in just six weeks.

On Mentored everything is recorded, archived and reviewed for quality assurance. All Mentors have passed extensive background checks. They are knowledgeable, friendly and professional... And they love to teach!

Learn by doing:
We teach using the Socratic method. Our Mentors won't just give students the answer, but will help guide them to true subject mastery. Students also learn how to ask questions and take charge of their own learning.

Mentored's mission is to make 1:1 learning accessible to everyone. Sessions start at just $7.

Get started:
Fill out the contact box to learn more about getting started.

About Mentored

Mentored is a NYC-based education technology company founded in 2013. Our mission is to make live 1:1 learning available to anyone, anytime from anywhere.

Studies show that students who receive 1:1 support outperform 98% of their peers! But this form of education has historically been too expensive to make available to everyone. So we've developed a safe, easy-to-use platform that connects experts and students together on smartphones, tablets and computers. We started with academic support, but the Mentored platform is designed to power live 1:1 mentoring connections across all industries.

Our Programs

We help schools and organizations prepare their students for success at college and beyond.

Test Prep Program

Students are provided with a structured program that prepares them for a specific exam such as: Regents Prep, SAT or ACT Prep, Parcc Prep, or other state tests.

College Bound Program

Students engage with expert mentors in areas that are relevant to a student who is college bound. Students will receive guidance and support in completing applications, applying for scholarships and financial aid, SAT/ACT test prep information and guidance, writing college essays, and more.

ELL Learners Program

This program is designed to provide additional support to students who are part of an English Language Learners Program. These students will be matched with mentors who have been trained in teaching ELL students. In addition, they will be fully qualified in any subjects that a school wishes to provide additional support to students.

Class Collaboration Program

This program is designed to provide a classroom teacher with a network of tutors who can help students reach specific goals that are set forth by the teacher. Teachers and Mentored staff work closely together in both curriculum (including assessment) and instructional techniques required to provide the best experience for the students.

On-Demand Homework Support

Now you can give ALL your students homework help at point of need, in the moment. Students can easily share snapshots of homework problems and be assisted by an expert who knows the subject matter, and is familiar with the Common Core.

Summer Success

The purpose of Mentored's Summer Success Program is to provide students with structure and guidance to assist them in retaining information garnered during the previous school year as well as prepare them for the upcoming school year. By working with dedicated mentors during the summer, students will be equipped with the support they need to reach their true potential as they get ready for the challenges of the next school year.


I really enjoy watching the proverbial lightbulb go off when a student grasps something that they've been struggling with.

Amanda E., A Mentor

I'm so glad I downloaded this app. It's by FAR the best tutor app I've ever downloaded.

Noah W., A Student

My daughter has really been struggling in her math. Thankfully her teacher recommended I try Mentored and... wow! She's doing so well on her homework and tests.

Jessica J., A Parent

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